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14. A floral affair

Já há algum tempo que não fotografava aquilo de que realmente gosto.
A verdade é que os outros trabalhos ocupam todo o meu tempo e os editoriais de que tanto gosto acabam por ir ficando para depois, e depois, e depois… e dou por mim já passaram meses e eu estive sempre aqui a trabalhar em frente ao computador, chateada por não conseguir fazer trabalhos que me deixem realmente feliz.

Em Junho tirei um dia para me sentir feliz a fazer o que gosto e fui a um shooting day.  Ter tempo para tratar as imagens foi complicado, mas finalmente estão prontas e estou muito muito contente com o resultado. Espero que gostem!


It’s been a while since I could find some time to shoot what I really love: fashion stories. I am always so busy with all the retouching works that I end up neglecting what I really like and am always feeling down for not having the time for it.

Anyway, in June I took a day and attended a shooting day. It took me a while to retouch the pictures but I’m quite happy with the results and hope you like them as well.


model . Katerina Maresova
styling . Marta Teixeira
mua & hair . Liliana Ribeiro
special thanks to Mário Príncipe.

13. My holidays on film

Ainda no mood das férias do post anterior, deixo-vos com algumas imagens analógicas que tirei durante as férias.

Tenho uma máquina com mais de 20 anos, que não é descartável, mas tem todo o aspecto de se avariar ao primeiro disparo, e com a qual ando frequentemente, especialmente por ser leve e por não ter de ter tantos cuidados com água, areia, etc. Foi com essa menina que tirei estas fotos.

Fotografia de filme é sempre mais bonita. Sempre.


Still in the holiday mood from the previous post.

These are some of the pictures I took with an old film camera that I usually carry around. It is very small and it looks very cheap but it’s almost like having a disposable camera that you can use several times and you never know when it’s going to break. So far I’ve been using it for more than 20 years now.

Anyway, I hope you like the pictures. I aways prefer film photography.

12. Monsaraz

Este ano raramente consegui ter dias sem nada para fazer, por isso assim que consegui três dias livres tudo o que eu queria era fugir da cidade e ir para um sitio onde pudesse ouvir passarinhos de manhã, comer bem e acima de tudo estar longe de trabalhos e computadores.

Felizmente a máquina fotográfica vai sempre comigo e desta vez partilho as fotografias que tirei em Monsaraz. Se já lá tinha estado em criança não me lembro de todo, mas a verdade é que as casinhas todas pintadas de branco e as ruas cuidadas são deliciosas. O castelo que as envolve fica no cimo de um monte e tem uma vista incrível sobre a barragem do Alqueva.

Tenho mais fotos para partilhar destas mini mini férias em breve. :)


In a year full of work I had very few days off, so as soon as I got three free days all I wanted was to disappear to a quiet place where I could just enjoy nature, sleep a lot and be away from my computer. Couldn’t leave the camera though and I’m really glad I didn’t or I wouldn’t have how to show you Monsaraz.

Portugal is amazing and Monsaraz gives a huge contribute to that. It’s a little village full of white houses, inside a castle that in early times saved us from spanish attacks. It is near Spain, in Alentejo and has the most beautiful view over the Alqueva dam.

More pictures to come from my little holidays. Soon, I hope.

11 . Green Overdose

Whenever I think of bright colours and amazing, never-ending nature, I think of Azores.

I have been there several times and can never get enough. It’s the perfect place to take a break from the city life and just enjoy the perfect food and the colours saturation that seem almost unreal.

This time I was there to shoot a wedding with my friend Carla (Cravo e Canela) but it still didn’t feel like we were working.

It was only for two days, but I still found some time to explore a bit and take some pictures.

8. make over

People who deal with me on a regular basis know that I don’t use make up. A little black eyeliner is as far as I can go. I don’t understand a thing about make up products and I’m sure I would be a disaster applying most of them.

So when my friend Miguel asked me to be part of his project I thought it might be interesting. He picked three photographers that don’t usually wear make up, and applied his amazing skills on some crazy make overs with incredible results.

I can barely recognize myself in the second picture but hey, it’s me somehow. You can check the other pictures of the project as well as Miguel’s work on his Facebook Page

7. I spy…

…with my little eye, something beginning with L.

I’ve been spending most of my nights (and days) in front of the computer, working in retouching. Two nights ago my boyfriend was writing on the living room and I could see him from my office. The light was so perfect, almost a movie frame, so I had to take a picture.

Alexandre, June 2014

6. Odeceixe

My mom’s family is from one of my favorite places in the world. At least considering the ones I’ve visited so far.

I’ve spent most of my Summers here and love every detail. The light reflecting in the water, every sunset, the strong waves and mostly the gold tones at the end of the afternoon.

This time I was lucky enough to be able to book a job there, so at the end of the working day I went out for a quick walk to capture the sunset.


I promised myself that during 2014 this blog would be alive. It’s not a new year’s resolution but a personal need. I have all this pictures in my hard drive that the world never sees, and this is a way of keeping what I shoot up to date.

So, first post of the year.

I moved back to Lisbon a few months ago. Being home again feels great and I live in a beautiful city, specially in foggy days.

I had a flu but couldn’t resist and had to drive to take these pictures. Was ill for a few more days but it was worth the shot.